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A New Algorithm to Reduce the Mal-Operation of DOCR in Bi-directional Power Distribution Systems
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 Title & Authors
A New Algorithm to Reduce the Mal-Operation of DOCR in Bi-directional Power Distribution Systems
Jang, Su-Hyeong; Oh, Joon-Seok; Jeong, Ui-Yong; Kim, Jae-Eon;
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DOCR can be used to efficiently increase the reliability and to protect the bi-directional D/L(Distribution Lines). As more DG(Distributed Generation)s attempt to connect the bi-directional D/L, there is an increasing need for studies of how to use DOCR installed in the D/L. This paper investigates the operating principles of DOCR and presents the results an effect of sequence and fault impedance in L-L(Line to Line) fault. An advanced DOCR operating algorithm is proposed to reduce the mal-operation of conventional DOCR. The proposed algorithm is applied to the bi-directional power flow system and shows that it decreases the mal-operation of DOCR through the computer simulation.
Bi-directional power flow;Distributed generation;DOCR;Fault impedance;Mal-Operation;Sequence impedance;
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