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New Modeling of Switching Devices Considering Power Loss in Electromagnetic Transients Program Simulation
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 Title & Authors
New Modeling of Switching Devices Considering Power Loss in Electromagnetic Transients Program Simulation
Kim, Seung-Tak; Park, Jung-Wook; Baek, Seung-Mook;
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This paper presents the modeling of insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) in electromagnetic transients program (EMTP) simulation for the reliable calculation of switching and conduction losses. The conventional approach considering the physical property of switching devices requires many attribute parameters and large computation efforts. In contrast, the proposed method uses the curve fitting and interpolation techniques based on typical switching waveforms and a user-defined component with variable resistances to capture the dynamic characteristics of IGBTs. Therefore, the simulation time can be efficiently reduced without losing the accuracy while avoiding the extremely small time step, which is required in simulation by the conventional method. The EMTP based simulation includes turn-on and turn-off transients of IGBT, saturation state, forward voltage of free-wheeling diode, and reverse recovery characteristics, etc. The effectiveness of proposed modeling for the EMTP simulation is verified by the comparison with experimental results obtained from practical implementation in hardware.
Conduction loss;Curve fitting;Electromagnetic transients program simulation;Insulated-gate bipolar transistor;Interpolation;Modeling;Switching loss;
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