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State-of-Charge Balancing Control of a Battery Power Module for a Modularized Battery for Electric Vehicle
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 Title & Authors
State-of-Charge Balancing Control of a Battery Power Module for a Modularized Battery for Electric Vehicle
Choi, Seong-Chon; Jeon, Jin-Yong; Yeo, Tae-Jung; Kim, Young-Jae; Kim, Do-Yun; Won, Chung-Yuen;
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This paper proposes a State-of-Charge (SOC) balancing control of Battery Power Modules (BPMs) for a modularized battery for Electric Vehicles (EVs) without additional balancing circuits. The BPMs are substituted with the single converter in EVs located between the battery and the inverter. The BPM is composed of a two-phase interleaved boost converter with battery modules. The discharge current of each battery module can be controlled individually by using the BPM to achieve a balanced state as well as increased utilization of the battery capacity. Also, an SOC balancing method is proposed to reduce the equalization time, which satisfies the regulation of a constant DC-link voltage and a demand of the output power. The proposed system and the SOC balancing method are verified through simulation and experiment.
Battery power modules;State-of-charge;SOC balancing;Electric vehicles;
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