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Improved Sliding Mode Controller for Shunt Active Power Filter
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 Title & Authors
Improved Sliding Mode Controller for Shunt Active Power Filter
Sahara, Attia; Kessal, Abdelhalim; Rahmani, Lazhar; Gaubert, Jean-Paul;
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In this work, nonlinear control of a three-phase shunt active power filter (SAPF) has been studied and compared to classical control based on proportional integral regulator. The control strategy is based on the direct current method using sliding mode control (SMC), where the aim is to regulate the average voltage across the dc bus of the inverter. Details are given for the control algorithm; the controller is comprised of a current loop which utilizes a hysteresis controller to generate the gating signals for the switching devices, and a nonlinear controller based on SMC law which is different from classical laws based on error between reference and measured output voltage of the inverter. Sliding surface applied in this work contains the whole of state variables, in order to ensure full control of the system behavior in the presence of disturbances that affect the supply source, the load parameters or the reference value. The designed controller offers advantage that it can gives the improvement of dynamic and static performances in cases of large disturbances. A comparison of the effects of PI control and SMC on the APF response in steady stat, under line variations, load variations, and different component variations is performed.
Shunt active power filter;PI control;Sliding mode control;Harmonic;Nonlinear control;
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