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PSO-Based Optimal PI(D) Controller Design for Brushless DC Motor Speed Control with Back EMF Detection
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 Title & Authors
PSO-Based Optimal PI(D) Controller Design for Brushless DC Motor Speed Control with Back EMF Detection
Kiree, Chookiat; Kumpanya, Danupon; Tunyasrirut, Satean; Puangdownreong, Deacha;
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This paper proposes a design of optimal PI(D) controller for brushless DC (BLDC) motor speed control by the particle swarm optimization (PSO), one of the powerful metaheuristic optimization search techniques. The proposed control system is implemented on the TMS320F28335 DSP board interfacing to MATLAB/SIMULINK. With Back EMF detection, the proposed system is considered as a class of sensorless control. This scheme leads to the speed adjustment of the BLDC motor by PWM. In this work, the BLDC motor of 100 watt is conducted to investigate the control performance. As results, it was found that the speed response of BLDC motor can be regulated at the operating speed of 800 and 1200 rpm in both no load and full load conditions. Very satisfactory responses of the BLDC system can be successfully achieved by the proposed control structure and PSO-based design approach.
BLDC motor;PI(D) controller;Particle swarm optimization;Back EMF detection;
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