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Energy Management of a Grid-connected High Power Energy Recovery Battery Testing System
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 Title & Authors
Energy Management of a Grid-connected High Power Energy Recovery Battery Testing System
Zhang, Ke; Long, Bo; Yoo, Cheol-Jung; Noh, Hye-Min; Chang, Young-Won;
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Energy recovery battery testing systems (ERBTS) have been widely used in battery manufactures. All the ERBTS are connected in parallel which forms a special and complicated micro-grid system, which has the shortcomings of low energy recovery efficiency, complex grid-connected control algorithms issues for islanded detection, and complicated power circuit topology issues. To solve those shortcomings, a DC micro-grid system is proposed, the released testing energy has the priority to be reutilized between various testing system within the local grid, Compared to conventional scheme, the proposed system has the merits of a simplified power circuit topology, no needs for synchronous control, and much higher testing efficiency. The testing energy can be cycle-used inside the local micro-grid. The additional energy can be recovered to AC-grid. Numerous experimental comparison results between conventional and proposed scheme are provided to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the proposed technique.
Energy recovery;Battery testing system;Islanded detection;Micro-grid;
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