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Using of Scattering Bond Graph Methodology for a Physical Characteristics Analysis of “D-CRLH” Transmission Line
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 Title & Authors
Using of Scattering Bond Graph Methodology for a Physical Characteristics Analysis of “D-CRLH” Transmission Line
Taghouti, Hichem; Jmal, Sabri; Mami, Abdelkader;
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In this paper, we propose to analyze the physical characteristics of a planar dual-composite right-left handed transmission line by a common application of Bond Graph approach and Scattering formalism (Methodology S.BG). The technique, we propose consists, on the one hand, of modeling of a dual composite right-left metamaterial transmission line (D-CRLH-TL) by Bond Graph approach, and, it consists of extracting the equivalent circuit of this studied structure. On the other hand, it consists to exploiting the scattering parameters (Scattering matrix) of the DCRLH-TL using the methodology which we previously developed since 2009. Finally, the validation of the proposed and used technique is carried out by comparisons between the simulations results with ADS and Maple (or MatLab).
Bond graph modeling;Metamaterials transmission line;Composite right/left handed;Scattering parameters;
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