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Energy Aware Task Scheduling for a Distributed MANET Computing Environment
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 Title & Authors
Energy Aware Task Scheduling for a Distributed MANET Computing Environment
Kim, Jaeseop; Kim, Jong-Kook;
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This study introduces an example environment where wireless devices are mobile, devices use dynamic voltage scaling, devices and tasks are heterogeneous, tasks have deadline, and the computation and communication power is dynamically changed for energy saving. For this type of environment, the efficient system-level energy management and resource management for task completion can be an essential part of the operation and design of such systems. Therefore, the resources are assigned to tasks and the tasks may be scheduled to maximize a goal which is to minimize energy usage while trying to complete as many tasks as possible by their deadlines. This paper also introduces mobility of nodes and variable transmission power for communication which complicates the resource management/task scheduling problem further.
Distributed mobile computing;Dynamic resource allocation;Dynamic task scheduling;Power-aware;Energy-aware;MANET;
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