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A Task Scheduling Method after Clustering for Data Intensive Jobs in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
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 Title & Authors
A Task Scheduling Method after Clustering for Data Intensive Jobs in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Hajikano, Kazuo; Kanemitsu, Hidehiro; Kim, Moo Wan; Kim, Hee-Dong;
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Several task clustering heuristics are proposed for allocating tasks in heterogeneous systems to achieve a good response time in data intensive jobs. However, one of the challenging problems is the process in task scheduling after task allocation by task clustering. We propose a task scheduling method after task clustering, leveraging worst schedule length (WSL) as an upper bound of the schedule length. In our proposed method, a task in a WSL sequence is scheduled preferentially to make the WSL smaller. Experimental results by simulation show that the response time is improved in several task clustering heuristics. In particular, our proposed scheduling method with the task clustering outperforms conventional list-based task scheduling methods.
Task clustering;Task scheduling;Heterogeneous;Data intensive;
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