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A Fuzzy AHP Model for Selection of Consultant Contractor in Bidding Phase in Vietnam
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 Title & Authors
A Fuzzy AHP Model for Selection of Consultant Contractor in Bidding Phase in Vietnam
Ha, Tran Thanh; Hoai, Long Le; Lee, Young Dai;
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Project Management Consultant (PMC) plays a vital role in the overall performance of any project. Selecting right PMC for right project is the most crucial challenge for any construction owner. Thus, PMC selection is one of the main decisions made by owners at the early phase of construction project. It is not easy for the project owner to select a competent PMC due to the fuzziness, imprecision, vagueness, incomplete and qualitative criteria of the decision. This paper presents a model for selecting PMC contractor using the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP). And a fuzzy number based framework is proposed to be a viable method for PMC contractor selection. A case study to illustrate the application of the model is also presented in this paper.
Project Management Consultant;Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process;Decision Making;Vietnam;
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