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Cambodian Construction Industry`s Issues in the ASEAN Economic Community
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 Title & Authors
Cambodian Construction Industry`s Issues in the ASEAN Economic Community
MIN, Vuthea; Leungbootnak, Narong; Srinavin, Korb; Aksorn, Preenithi; Deewong, Watcharapong;
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Issues in the construction industry of Cambodia in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is the main priority to be identified before identifying causing factors in order to find out recommendations, to improve this sector, and to survive in this community. Two major issues were identified from the literature review and the investigation, namely i) Long-term vision and its policy, and ii) practice culture. The total sample collected from concerned government officers and engineers in Cambodia were 463. Factor analysis was then conducted to find out the issues, and as the results, there are five issues in two main groups: (i) the Organization`s vision and its skill, which consist of a vision of the organization, knowledge and skill, and less investmen in the construction sector; (ii) Knowledge and motivation towards the AEC, which consist of knowledge about the AEC, and level to promote organization for the AEC.
Construction Industry Development;Strategy planning;Economic Development;Cambodia;
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