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An In-situ Correction Method of Position Error for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Surveying the Sea Floor
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 Title & Authors
An In-situ Correction Method of Position Error for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Surveying the Sea Floor
Lee, Pan-Mook; Jun, Bong-Huan; Park, Jin-Yeong; Shim, Hyung-Won; Kim, Jae-Soo; Jung, Hun-Sang; Yoon, Ji-Young;
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This paper presents an in-situ correction method to compensate for the position error of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) near the sea floor. AUVs generally have an inertial navigation system assisted with auxiliary navigational sensors. Since the inertial navigation system shows drift in position without the bottom reflection of a Doppler velocity log, external acoustic positioning systems, such as an ultra short baseline (USBL), are needed to set the position without surfacing the AUV. The main concept of the correction method is as follows: when the AUV arrives near the sea floor, the vehicle moves around horizontally in a circular mode, while the USBL transceiver installed on a surface vessel measures the AUV's position. After acquiring one data set, a least-square curve fitting method is adopted to find the center of the AUV's circular motion, which is transferred to the AUV via an acoustic telemetry modem (ATM). The proposed method is robust for the outlier of USBL, and it is independent of the time delay for the data transfer of the USBL position with the ATM. The proposed method also reduces the intrinsic position error of the USBL, and is applicable to the in-situ calibration as well as the initialization of the AUVs' position. Monte Carlo simulation was conducted to verify the effectiveness of the method.
Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV);Position error;In-situ correction;Least square method;Monte Carlo simulation;
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