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A study of flow structure of bichromatic waves through PIV analysis
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 Title & Authors
A study of flow structure of bichromatic waves through PIV analysis
Jo, Hyo-Jae; Lee, Seung-Jae; Choi, Je-Eun;
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An experimental study was carried out in order to understand the kinematics of bichromatic waves. Bichromatic waves are generated in a two-dimensional wave tank, and measured by panorama PIV technique, which allows the flow fields to be captured with respect to a spatial coordinate system. We compared wave profiles and velocities of wave particles obtained by experiment with theoretical results using Stokes 1st and 2nd order waves. The velocity distribution at wave crest and trough of the highest and lowest point of a bichromatic wave are investigated in this study.
Bichromatic waves;Panorama PIV;Second-order Stokes waves;
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