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Validity of Ocean Wave Spectrum Using Rayleigh Probability Density Function
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 Title & Authors
Validity of Ocean Wave Spectrum Using Rayleigh Probability Density Function
Choi, Young Myung; Yang, Young Jun; Kwon, Sun Hong;
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The distribution of wave heights is assumed to be a Rayleigh distribution, based on the assumption of a narrow band and Gaussian distribution of wave elevation. The present study was started with doubts about the narrow band assumption. We selected the wave spectra widely used to simulate irregular random waves. The wave spectra used in this study included the Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum, Bretschneider-Mitsuyasu spectrum, and JONSWAP spectrum. The directionality of the waves was considered. The cosine 2-l type directional spreading function and mixed form of the half-cosine 2-s type with Mitsuyasu type directional spreading are considered here to investigate the effects of a directional spreading function on random waves. The simulated wave height distribution is compared with a Rayleigh distribution.
Wave spectrum;Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum;Bretchneider and Mitsuyasu spectrum;JONSWAP spectrum;Directional spreading function;Cosine 2-l type;Mitsuyasu type;Rayleigh distribution;
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