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Corrosion Characteristics of Reinforced Steel Bar Emedded in Multiple Mortar Specimen(W/C:0.5) Aged 5 Years in Seawater
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 Title & Authors
Corrosion Characteristics of Reinforced Steel Bar Emedded in Multiple Mortar Specimen(W/C:0.5) Aged 5 Years in Seawater
Moon, Kyung-Man; Takeo, Oki; Won, Jong-Pil; Park, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Yun-Hae;
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Reinforced concrete structures have been increasingly widely used in numerous industrial fields. These structures are often exposed to severely corrosive environments such as seawater, contaminated water, acid rain, and the seashore. Thus, the corrosion problems that occur with the steel bars embedded in concrete are very important from the safety and economic points of view. In this study, the effects of the cover thickness on the corrosion properties of reinforced steel bars embedded in multiple mortar test specimens immersed in seawater for 5 years were investigated using electrochemical methods such as the corrosion potentials, polarization curves, cyclic voltammograms, galvanostat, and potentiostat. The corrosion potentials shifted in the noble direction, and the value of the AC impedance also exhibited a higher value with increasing cover thickness. Furthermore, the polarization resistance increased with increasing cover thickness, which means that the oxide film that is deposited on the surface of a steel bar surrounded by alkali environment exhibits better corrosion resistance because the water, chloride ions and dissolved oxygen have difficulty penerating to the surface of the steel bar with increasing cover thickness. Consequently, it is considered that the corrosion resistance of reinforced steel can be improved by increasing the cover thickness. However, the corrosion resistance values of a steel bar estimated by measuring the corrosion potential, impedance and polarization resistance were not in good agreement with its corrosion resistance obtained by polarization curves.
Mortar specimen;Corrosion potential;Cover thickness;Polarization curves;Cyclic voltammogram;AC impedance;
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