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Characterization of CNT/TiO2 Electrode Prepared Through Impregnation with TNB and Their Photoelectrocatalytic Properties
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  • Journal title : Environmental Engineering Research
  • Volume 14, Issue 1,  2009, pp.32-40
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Environmental Engineering
  • DOI : 10.4491/eer.2009.14.1.032
 Title & Authors
Characterization of CNT/TiO2 Electrode Prepared Through Impregnation with TNB and Their Photoelectrocatalytic Properties
Zhang, Feng-Jun; Chen, Ming-Liang; Oh, Won-Chun;
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In this study, we have prepared three kinds of carbon nanometer tube electrodes through impregnation with different concentration titanium n-butoxide (TNB) solution. The prepared electrodes were characterized with surface properties, structural crystallinity, elemental identification and photoelectrocatalytic activity. The adsorption data showed that the composites had decreased surface area compared with the pristine CNT. This indicated the blocking of micropores on the surface of CNT, which was further supported by observation via SEM. XRD results showed patterns for the composites and a typical single and clear anatase crystal structure. The main elements such as C, O and Ti were existed for all samples from the EDX data. The catalytic efficiency of the developed electrode was evaluated by the photoelectrodegradation of methylene blue (MB). The positive potential applied in photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) oxidation was studied. It was found that photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) decomposition of MB solution could be attributed to combination effects between photocatalytic and CNT electro-assisted. Through the comparison between photocatalytic (PC) oxidation and photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) oxidation, it was found that the PEC oxidation efficiency for MB is higher than that of PC oxidation.
electrode, Impregnation, Photoelectrocatalysis, XRD, SEM, EDX
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