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Wide Area Distribution of Nitrogen Concentrations in Mountain Streams of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
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  • Journal title : Environmental Engineering Research
  • Volume 15, Issue 2,  2010, pp.111-115
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Environmental Engineering
  • DOI : 10.4491/eer.2010.15.2.111
 Title & Authors
Wide Area Distribution of Nitrogen Concentrations in Mountain Streams of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Muramatsu, K.; Komai, Y.; Umemoto, S.; Inoue, T.;
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To study the relationship between the concentrations of nitrogen in mountain streams, and anthropologic and natural factors, the water chemistry of the mountain streams in the entire Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, were investigated. A thousand mountain streams were investigated between 1998 and 2001. The concentrations of nitrate nitrogen ranged from 2.92 to 0.1 mg/L, with an arithmetic mean value of 0.45 mg/L. A number of streams showing more than 1.0 mg/L of nitrate nitrogen accounted for 8% of the mountain streams investigated. These results indicated that the concentrations of nitrate nitrogen in the mountain streams were low in the entire Hyogo Prefecture. In general, the mountain stream water in Hyogo Prefecture appears to not have been affected by wet and dry deposition originating from anthropologic sources in mountain streams and Japan. On the other hand, sites with more than 0.8 mg/L nitrate nitrogen were distributed over the entire Hyogo Prefecture, which were classified into five groups. Each group showed unique geographical, geological and anthropological characteristics. No common characteristic among five groups were discover. These results suggest that the cause of high concentrations of nitrogen in mountain streams is not from a uniform set of conditions.
Nitrogen;Mountain stream;Geography;Geology;Vegetation;Dry and wet deposition;
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