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Nitrogen Removal Comparison in Porous Ceramic Media Packed-Bed Reactors by a Consecutive Nitrification and Denitrification Process
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  • Journal title : Environmental Engineering Research
  • Volume 16, Issue 4,  2011, pp.231-236
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Environmental Engineering
  • DOI : 10.4491/eer.2011.16.4.231
 Title & Authors
Nitrogen Removal Comparison in Porous Ceramic Media Packed-Bed Reactors by a Consecutive Nitrification and Denitrification Process
Han, Gee-Bong; Woo, Mi-Hee;
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Biological nitrogen removal, using a continuous flow packed-bed reactor (CPBR) in a consecutive nitrification and denitrification process, was evaluated. An apparent decline in the nitrification efficiency coincided with the steady increase in -N load. Sustained nitrification efficiency was found to be higher at longer empty bed contact times (EBCTs). The relationship between the rate of alkalinity consumption and -N utilization ratio followed zero-order reaction kinetics. The heterotrophic denitrification rate at a carbon-tonitrogen (C/N) ratio of >4 was found to be >74%. This rate was higher by a factor of 8.5 or 8.9 for -N/volatile solids (VS)/day or ceramic media/day, respectively, relative to the rates measured at a C/N ratio of 1.1. Autotrophic denitrification efficiencies were 80-90%. It corresponds to an average denitrification rate of 0.96 kg ceramic media/day and a relevant average denitrification rate of 0.28 g -N/g VS/day, were also obtained. Results presented here also constitute the usability of an innovative porous sulfur ceramic media. This enhanced the dissolution rate of elemental sulfur via a higher contact surface area.
Denitrification;Nitrification;Packed-bed;Porous ceramic;Sulfur media;
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