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Immobilization of Layered Double Hydroxide into Polyvinyl Alcohol/Alginate Hydrogel Beads for Phosphate Removal
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  • Journal title : Environmental Engineering Research
  • Volume 17, Issue 3,  2012, pp.133-138
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Environmental Engineering
  • DOI : 10.4491/eer.2012.17.3.133
 Title & Authors
Immobilization of Layered Double Hydroxide into Polyvinyl Alcohol/Alginate Hydrogel Beads for Phosphate Removal
Han, Yong-Un; Lee, Chang-Gu; Park, Jeong-Ann; Kang, Jin-Kyu; Lee, In; Kim, Song-Bae;
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Polyvinyl alcohol/alginate hydrogel beads containing Mg-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH-PVA/alginate beads) were synthesized for phosphate removal. Results showed that blending PVA with the LDH-alginate beads significantly improved their stability in a phosphate solution. The kinetic reaction in LDH-PVA/alginate beads reached equilibrium at 12 hr-post reaction with 99.2% removal. The amount of phosphate removed at equilibrium () was determined to be 0.389 mgP/g. The equilibrium data were described well by the Freundlich isotherm with the distribution coefficient (, 0.638) and the constant (n, 0.396). Phosphate removal in LDH-PVA/alginate beads was not sensitive to solution pH. Also, the removal capacity of LDH-PVA/alginate beads (, 1.543 mgP/g) was two orders of magnitude greater than that of PVA/alginate beads (, 0.016 mgP/g) in column experiments. This study demonstrates that LDH-PVA/alginate beads with a higher chemical stability against phosphate compared to LDH-alginate beads have the potential for phosphate removal as adsorptive media.
Column experiment;Layered double hydroxide;Phosphate removal;Polyvinyl alcohol;PVA/alginate beads;
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