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Integral Imaging Monitors with an Enlarged Viewing Angle
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 Title & Authors
Integral Imaging Monitors with an Enlarged Viewing Angle
Dorado, Adria; Saavedra, Genaro; Sola-Pikabea, Jorge; Martinez-Corral, Manuel;
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Enlarging the horizontal viewing angle is an important feature of integral imaging monitors. Thus far, the horizontal viewing angle has been enlarged in different ways, such as by changing the size of the elemental images or by tilting the lens array in the capture and reconstruction stages. However, these methods are limited by the microlenses used in the capture stage and by the fact that the images obtained cannot be easily projected into different displays. In this study, we upgrade our previously reported method, called SPOC 2.0. In particular, our new approach, which can be called SPOC 2.1, enlarges the viewing angle by increasing the density of the elemental images in the horizontal direction and by an appropriate application of our transformation and reshape algorithm. To illustrate our approach, we have calculated some high-viewing angle elemental images and displayed them on an integral imaging monitor.
Computational photography;Integral imaging;Three-dimensional display;Viewing angle;
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