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Key Phase Mask Updating Scheme with Spatial Light Modulator for Secure Double Random Phase Encryption
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 Title & Authors
Key Phase Mask Updating Scheme with Spatial Light Modulator for Secure Double Random Phase Encryption
Kwon, Seok-Chul; Lee, In-Ho;
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Double random phase encryption (DRPE) is one of the well-known optical encryption techniques, and many techniques with DRPE have been developed for information security. However, most of these techniques may not solve the fundamental security problem caused by using fixed phase masks for DRPE. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a key phase mask updating scheme for DRPE to improve its security, where a spatial light modulator (SLM) is used to implement key phase mask updating. In the proposed scheme, updated key data are obtained by using previous image data and the first phase mask used in encryption. The SLM with the updated key is used as the second phase mask for encryption. We provide a detailed description of the method of encryption and decryption for a DRPE system using the proposed key updating scheme, and simulation results are also shown to verify that the proposed key updating scheme can enhance the security of the original DRPE.
Double random phase encryption;Image transmissions;Key phase mask;Optical encryption;Spatial light modulator;
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