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Touch Position Recovery Algorithm for Differential Sensing Touch Screen
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 Title & Authors
Touch Position Recovery Algorithm for Differential Sensing Touch Screen
Kim, Ji-Ho; Won, Dong-Min; Kim, HyungWon;
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Differential sensing methods are more effective in alleviating panel noise than single-line sensing, and thus have been increasingly used in the touch screen industry. However, they have a drawback: they tend to cancel out multiple touches and need touch position recovery algorithms. This paper introduces a novel algorithm of touch position recovery for differential sensing, which is a low-complexity but high-accuracy approach for determining multiple touch positions. We have implemented the proposed method in a touch screen controller system on a chip. In the simulation experiments using realistic touch screen models and a differential sensing circuit, the algorithm exhibited a high detection performance of a signal-to-noise ratio gain of up to 52.21 dB. Therefore, we can conclude that the proposed method is substantially more accurate than the previous method. Further, the proposed method incurs little or no overhead in terms of the detection speed and the chip size.
Differential sensing;Recovery algorithm;Touch controller;Touch screen panel;
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