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Biological Infectious Watermarking Model for Video Copyright Protection
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 Title & Authors
Biological Infectious Watermarking Model for Video Copyright Protection
Jang, Bong-Joo; Lee, Suk-Hwan; Lim, SangHun; Kwon, Ki-Ryong;
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This paper presents the infectious watermarking model (IWM) for the protection of video contents that are based on biological virus modeling by the infectious route and procedure. Our infectious watermarking is designed as a new paradigm protection for video contents, regarding the hidden watermark for video protection as an infectious virus, video content as host, and codec as contagion medium. We used pathogen, mutant, and contagion as the infectious watermark and defined the techniques of infectious watermark generation and authentication, kernel-based infectious watermarking, and content-based infectious watermarking. We experimented with our watermarking model by using existing watermarking methods as kernel-based infectious watermarking and content-based infectious watermarking medium, and verified the practical applications of our model based on these experiments.
Biological Virus Modeling;Copyright Protection;Infectious Watermarking;Video Watermarking;
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