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A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese Characters
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 Title & Authors
A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese Characters
Baruah, Udayan; Hazarika, Shyamanta M.;
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This paper describes the Tezpur University dataset of online handwritten Assamese characters. The online data acquisition process involves the capturing of data as the text is written on a digitizer with an electronic pen. A sensor picks up the pen-tip movements, as well as pen-up/pen-down switching. The dataset contains 8,235 isolated online handwritten Assamese characters. Preliminary results on the classification of online handwritten Assamese characters using the above dataset are presented in this paper. The use of the support vector machine classifier and the classification accuracy for three different feature vectors are explored in our research.
Assamese;Character Recognition;Dataset Collection;Data Verification;Online Handwriting;Support Vector Machine;
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