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Event Detection on Motion Activities Using a Dynamic Grid
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 Title & Authors
Event Detection on Motion Activities Using a Dynamic Grid
Preechasuk, Jitdumrong; Piamsa-nga, Punpiti;
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Event detection based on using features from a static grid can give poor results from the viewpoint of two main aspects: the position of the camera and the position of the event that is occurring in the scene. The former causes problems when training and test events are at different distances from the camera to the actual position of the event. The latter can be a source of problems when training events take place in any position in the scene, and the test events take place in a position different from the training events. Both issues degrade the accuracy of the static grid method. Therefore, this work proposes a method called a dynamic grid for event detection, which can tackle both aspects of the problem. In our experiment, we used the dynamic grid method to detect four types of event patterns: implosion, explosion, two-way, and one-way using a Multimedia Analysis and Discovery (MAD) pedestrian dataset. The experimental results show that the proposed method can detect the four types of event patterns with high accuracy. Additionally, the performance of the proposed method is better than the static grid method and the proposed method achieves higher accuracy than the previous method regarding the aforementioned aspects.
Dynamic Grid Feature;Event Detection;Event Patterns;Pedestrian Activities;
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