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Feasibility Study of a Distributed and Parallel Environment for Implementing the Standard Version of AAM Model
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 Title & Authors
Feasibility Study of a Distributed and Parallel Environment for Implementing the Standard Version of AAM Model
Naoui, Moulkheir; Mahmoudi, Said; Belalem, Ghalem;
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The Active Appearance Model (AAM) is a class of deformable models, which, in the segmentation process, integrates the priori knowledge on the shape and the texture and deformation of the structures studied. This model in its sequential form is computationally intensive and operates on large data sets. This paper presents another framework to implement the standard version of the AAM model. We suggest a distributed and parallel approach justified by the characteristics of the model and their potentialities. We introduce a schema for the representation of the overall model and we study of operations that can be parallelized. This approach is intended to exploit the benefits build in the area of advanced image processing.
Active Appearance Model;Data Parallelism;Deformable Model;Distributed Image Processing;Parallel Image Processing;Segmentation;
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