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Content Based Dynamic Texture Analysis and Synthesis Based on SPIHT with GPU
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 Title & Authors
Content Based Dynamic Texture Analysis and Synthesis Based on SPIHT with GPU
Ghadekar, Premanand P.; Chopade, Nilkanth B.;
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Dynamic textures are videos that exhibit a stationary property with respect to time (i.e., they have patterns that repeat themselves over a large number of frames). These patterns can easily be tracked by a linear dynamic system. In this paper, a model that identifies the underlying linear dynamic system using wavelet coefficients, rather than a raw sequence, is proposed. Content based threshold filtering based on Set Partitioning in a Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) helps to get another representation of the same frames that only have low frequency components. The main idea of this paper is to apply SPIHT based threshold filtering on different bands of wavelet transform so as to have more significant information in fewer parameters for singular value decomposition (SVD). In this case, more flexibility is given for the component selection, as SVD is independently applied to the different bands of frames of a dynamic texture. To minimize the time complexity, the proposed model is implemented on a graphics processing unit (GPU). Test results show that the proposed dynamic system, along with a discrete wavelet and SPIHT, achieve a highly compact model with better visual quality, than the available LDS, Fourier descriptor model, and higher-order SVD (HOSVD).
Discrete Wavelet Transform;Dynamic Texture;GPU;SPIHT;SVD;
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