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A Robust Fingerprint Matching System Using Orientation Features
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 Title & Authors
A Robust Fingerprint Matching System Using Orientation Features
Kumar, Ravinder; Chandra, Pravin; Hanmandlu, Madasu;
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The latest research on the image-based fingerprint matching approaches indicates that they are less complex than the minutiae-based approaches when it comes to dealing with low quality images. Most of the approaches in the literature are not robust to fingerprint rotation and translation. In this paper, we develop a robust fingerprint matching system by extracting the circular region of interest (ROI) of a radius of 50 pixels centered at the core point. Maximizing their orientation correlation aligns two fingerprints that are to be matched. The modified Euclidean distance computed between the extracted orientation features of the sample and query images is used for matching. Extensive experiments were conducted over four benchmark fingerprint datasets of FVC2002 and two other proprietary databases of RFVC 2002 and the AITDB. The experimental results show the superiority of our proposed method over the well-known image-based approaches in the literature.
Circular ROI;Core Point Detection;Image-Based Fingerprint Matching;Orientation Features;
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