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Geohashed Spatial Index Method for a Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System Based on NoSQL
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 Title & Authors
Geohashed Spatial Index Method for a Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System Based on NoSQL
Li, Yan; Kim, Dongho; Shin, Byeong-Seok;
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The exceptional development of electronic device technology, the miniaturization of mobile devices, and the development of telecommunication technology has made it possible to monitor human biometric data anywhere and anytime by using different types of wearable or embedded sensors. In daily life, mobile devices can collect wireless body area network (WBAN) data, and the co-collected location data is also important for disease analysis. In order to efficiently analyze WBAN data, including location information and support medical analysis services, we propose a geohash-based spatial index method for a location-aware WBAN data monitoring system on the NoSQL database system, which uses an R-tree-based global tree to organize the real-time location data of a patient and a B-tree-based local tree to manage historical data. This type of spatial index method is a support cloud-based location-aware WBAN data monitoring system. In order to evaluate the proposed method, we built a system that can support a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Binary JSON (BSON) document data on mobile gateway devices. The proposed spatial index method can efficiently process location-based queries for medical signal monitoring. In order to evaluate our index method, we simulated a small system on MongoDB with our proposed index method, which is a document-based NoSQL database system, and evaluated its performance.
Location-Aware;NoSQL Database System;WBAN Monitoring System;
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