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Current Collectors for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries: A Review of Materials
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 Title & Authors
Current Collectors for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries: A Review of Materials
Kim, Sang Woo; Cho, Kuk Young;
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With increasing interest in flexible electronic devices and wearable appliances, flexible lithium ion batteries are the most attractive candidates for flexible energy sources. During the last decade, many different kinds of flexible batteries have been reported. Although research of flexible lithium ion batteries is in its earlier stages, we have found that developing components that satisfy performance conditions under external deformation stress is a critical key to the success of flexible energy sources. Among the major components of the lithium ion battery, electrodes, which are connected to the current collectors, are gaining the most attention owing to their rigid and brittle character. In this mini review, we discuss candidate materials for current collectors and the previous strategies implemented for flexible electrode fabrication.
flexible lithium secondary battery;carbon;conducting polymer;thin metal;electrode;
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