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Electrooxidation of Zolpidem and its Voltammetric Quantification in Standard and Pharmaceutical Formulation using Pencil Graphite Electrode
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 Title & Authors
Electrooxidation of Zolpidem and its Voltammetric Quantification in Standard and Pharmaceutical Formulation using Pencil Graphite Electrode
Naeemy, A.; Sedighi, E.; Mohammadi, A.;
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In this study a new, simple, precise, accurate and economic electrochemical method was developed and validated for the voltammetric determination of zolpidem (ZP) using disposable pencil graphite (PG) electrode. The anodic oxidation of ZP on the surface of the PG electrode was examined in a britton robinson (BR) buffer. Square wave and cyclic voltammetry were used as electrochemical techniques in the potential range of 0-1.2 V in the pH 8 BR buffer. In cyclic voltammetry studies, the diffusion coefficient of ZP oxidation was found to be 3.6×10-6 cm2 s-1. On the other hand, the ZP has shown a well-defined irreversible anodic peak at 0.98 V in the square wave voltammetry mode. The PG electrode, primarily being graphite which has a large active surface area gives rise to increasing peak current with respect to ZP electrooxidation. PG electrode showed an electrocatalytic effect in anodic oxidation of ZP. A linear relationship between catalytic current response and ZP concentration was obtained over a concentration range of 10-30 μM with R.S.D. values ranging from 0.29-3.89. Limits of detection and quantitation were found to be 1 and 3 μM, respectively. Finally, the PG electrode was successfully used to determine ZP in standard and tablet dosage forms with a mean recovery of 100.69 %.
Pencil graphite electrode;zolpidem;square wave voltammetry;pharmaceutical formulation;
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