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Antitcoagulant and antiplatelet activities of scolymoside
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  • Journal title : BMB Reports
  • Volume 48, Issue 10,  2015, pp.577-582
  • Publisher : Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • DOI : 10.5483/BMBRep.2015.48.10.044
 Title & Authors
Antitcoagulant and antiplatelet activities of scolymoside
Yoon, Eun-Kyung; Ku, Sae-Kwang; Lee, Wonhwa; Kwak, Soyoung; Kang, Hyejin; Jung, Byeongjin; Bae, Jong-Sup;
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Cyclopia subternata is a medicinal plant commonly used in traditional medicine to relieve pain. Here, the anticoagulant effects of scolymoside, an active compound in C. subternata, were examined by monitoring activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), prothrombin time (PT), and the activities of thrombin and activated factor X (FXa). The effects of scolymoside on plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) expression were evaluated in tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α-activated human endothelial cells. Treatment with scolymoside resulted in prolonged aPTT and PT and the inhibition of thrombin and FXa activities and production. In addition, scolymoside inhibited thrombin-catalyzed fibrin polymerization and platelet aggregation. Scolymoside also elicited anticoagulant effects in mice, including a significant reduction in the PAI-1 to t-PA ratio. Collectively, these findings indicate that scolymoside possesses anticoagulant activities and could be developed as a novel anticoagulant.
Coagulation cascade;Endothelium;Fibrinolysis;Scolymoside;
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