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Study on the Preparation Process and Properties of Magnetorheological Fluid Treated by Compounding Surfactants
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  • Journal title : Journal of Magnetics
  • Volume 21, Issue 2,  2016, pp.229-234
  • Publisher : The Korean Magnetics Society
  • DOI : 10.4283/JMAG.2016.21.2.229
 Title & Authors
Study on the Preparation Process and Properties of Magnetorheological Fluid Treated by Compounding Surfactants
Wu, Xiangfan; Xiao, Xingming; Tian, Zuzhi; Chen, Fei;
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Aiming to prepare high performance magnetorheological fluid, firstly, oleic acid and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate are chosen as surfactants. And then, the mechanical stirring process including stirring time, stirring temperature and stirring speed are optimized by measuring sedimentation ratio and zero-field viscosity. Finally, the properties of prepared magnetorheological fluid are elaborated. The results indicate that the compounding of oleic acid and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate can improve the properties of magnetorheological fluid distinctively, and the optimistic compounding content is 4g:4g or 5g:5g. The surfactants adding orders and the second stirring time have little effect on the properties of magnetorheological fluid, while obviously of the first stirring time, temperature and speed. Moreover, the sedimentation ratio of prepared magnetorheological fluid is less than 5.2% in two weeks, the zero-field viscosity is smaller than at , and the maximum yield stress is higher than 50 kPa.
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