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Recent Developments in Nuclear Forensic and Nuclear Safeguards Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry
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  • Journal title : Mass Spectrometry Letters
  • Volume 7, Issue 2,  2016, pp.31-40
  • Publisher : Korean Society Mass Spectrometry
  • DOI : 10.5478/MSL.2016.7.2.31
 Title & Authors
Recent Developments in Nuclear Forensic and Nuclear Safeguards Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry
Song, Kyuseok; Park, Jong-Ho; Lee, Chi-Gyu; Han, Sun-Ho;
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The analysis of nuclear materials and environmental samples is an important issue in nuclear safeguards and nuclear forensics. An analysis technique for safeguard samples has been developed for the detection of undeclared nuclear activities and verification of declared nuclear activities, while nuclear forensics has been developed to trace the origins and intended use of illicitly trafficked nuclear or radioactive materials. In these two analytical techniques, mass spectrometry has played an important role in determining the isotope ratio of various nuclides, contents of trace elements, and production dates. These two techniques typically use similar analytical instruments, but the analytical procedure and the interpretation of analytical results differ depending on the analytical purpose. The isotopic ratio of the samples is considered the most important result in an environmental sample analysis, while age dating and impurity analysis may also be important for nuclear forensics. In this review, important aspects of these techniques are compared and the role of mass spectrometry, along with recent progress in related technologies, are discussed.
Safeguard sample analysis;nuclear forensic analysis;mass spectrometry;
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