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Whitening Activities of the Agrimonia pilosa L. Extracts
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 Title & Authors
Whitening Activities of the Agrimonia pilosa L. Extracts
Kim, Dong-Hee; An, Bong-Jeun; Lee, Jin-Young;
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The extracts of Agrimonia pilosa L. were investigated for the inhibitory effect on the melanin synthesis in B16/F10 mouse melanoma cells as a functional ingredient for cosmetic products. Tyrosinase inhibition activities were 42% in A. pilosa L. 70% ethanol extract at . The protein and mRNA expression of tyrosinase, which are all skin-whitening related factors, showed that A. pilosa L. water and A. pilosa L. 70% ethanol extracts inhibited the protein bio-synthesis in B16F10 melanoma cell. Results indicate that the A. pilosa L. extracts tested in the present study have skin whitening activity and can be used as a functional ingredient for cosmetic compositions.
Agrimonia pilosa L.;inhibition of melanin synthesis;mRNA;tyrosinase;tyrosinase protein;
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