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Comparison of Allergy-Inducible Wheat Protein Contents among Imported and Domestic Wheat Flours in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Allergy-Inducible Wheat Protein Contents among Imported and Domestic Wheat Flours in Korea
Kim, Ju Hee; Pak, Pyo June; Kim, Jung-Gon; Cheong, Young-Keun; Kang, Chon-Sik; Lee, Nam Taek; Chung, Namhyun;
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Wheat is a staple food in the Korean diet, which is increasingly becoming westernized. Because most domestic wheat consumption relies on imported wheat, we aimed to evaluate the allergy-inducible protein contents of commercial flours from imported and domestic wheat. Analysis of the protein contents by densitometry suggested that domestic wheat flours contain lower levels of high molecular weight glutenin and omega-gliadin (50 and 34% lower, respectively) than imported wheat flours. Therefore, domestic wheat flours are less likely to cause allergic reactions than imported wheat flours are. Based on the findings of our study, were commend increased consumption of domestic wheat flours to those who are sensitive to allergy.
domestic wheat;gliadin;glutenin;imported wheat;wheat allergy;
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