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The hepatitis B virus X protein induced fibrosis in Huh7 cells
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 Title & Authors
The hepatitis B virus X protein induced fibrosis in Huh7 cells
Son, Moa; Park, Sanggyu; Cho, Moonjae;
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Hepatitis B virus infection can cause hepatic fibrosis leading to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. However the mechanism remains poorly understood. In this study, we found that Hepatitis B virus X-protein (HBx) increases vimentin, fibronectin, slug, snail and NOX4 expression. Because NOX4-mediated reactive oxygen species can increase slug and snail, which can induce fibrosis, HBx may be a key regulator of hepatic fibrosis development via NOX4 induction.
hepatic fibrosis;hepatitis B virus X protein;NADPH oxidase;
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