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Some Monascus purpureus Genomes Lack the Monacolin K Biosynthesis Locus
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 Title & Authors
Some Monascus purpureus Genomes Lack the Monacolin K Biosynthesis Locus
Kwon, Hyung-Jin; Balakrishnan, Bijinu; Kim, Yeon-Ki;
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Two Monascus purpureus genomes lack the monacolin K biosynthesis locus (mok), while Monascus species are generally assumed to be monacolin K producers. These M. purpureus harbor a fusion of mokA and mokB orthologues. This finding suggests that an ancestral mok locus underwent a deletion event in the M. purpureus genome.
genome sequence;monacolin K biosynthetic gene cluster;Monascus purpureus;polyketide synthase gene;
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