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Diels-Alder type adducts from the fruits of Morus alba L.
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 Title & Authors
Diels-Alder type adducts from the fruits of Morus alba L.
Lee, Yeong-Geun; Seo, Kyeong-Hwa; Hong, Eock-Kee; Kim, Dong-Man; Kim, Young-Eon; Baek, Nam-In;
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The fruits of Morus alba L. were extracted with 80 % aqueous MeOH, and the concentrated extract was partitioned into EtOAc, n-butyl alcohol, and water fractions. The repeated silica gel () and octadecyl silica gel column chromatographies for the EtOAc and n-butyl alcohol fractions led to isolation of two phenolic compounds. The chemical structures of the compounds were determined as Diels-Alder type adducts, mulberrofuran E (1) and chalcomoracin (2) based on spectroscopic data analyses including nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, and infrared spectrometry. Compounds 1 and 2 were isolated for the first time from the fruits of M. alba L. in this study.
Chalcomoracin;Diels-Alder adduct;Morus alba fruit;mulberrofuran E;
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