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Characteristics of THz Pulse Propagation on Teflon Covered Two-Wire Lines
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of THz Pulse Propagation on Teflon Covered Two-Wire Lines
Jo, Jeong Sang; Jeon, Tae-In;
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We report efficient direct coupling of THz dipole antenna pulses onto air spaced two-wire transmission lines and Teflon covered two-wire lines. The air spaced two-wire lines show TEM mode propagation with very small group velocity dispersion (GVD) and relatively low attenuation. The Teflon covered two-wire lines showed comparatively much higher attenuation and GVD. However, the Teflon covered two-wire lines show a very good guiding property when the lines are curved. Although the lines are circled only 5.0 cm in diameter, there is no additional attenuation compared to straight the lines.
Terahertz;Waveguides;Guiding property;Propagation;
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