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Highly Efficient Trans-Reflective Color Filters Incorporating TiO2-MgF2 Multilayer Stacks
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 Title & Authors
Highly Efficient Trans-Reflective Color Filters Incorporating TiO2-MgF2 Multilayer Stacks
Shrestha, Vivek Raj; Park, Chul-Soon; Koirala, Ishwor; Lee, Sang-Shin; Choi, Duk-Yong;
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We report for the first time highly efficient trans-reflective color filters capable of demonstrating coloration in both transmission and reflection modes by taking advantage of a multilayer stack consisting of MgF2 and TiO2 used respectively as the low and high index materials. In order to enable such trans-reflective performance, securing an optimal stop band assuming an appropriate bandwidth within the visible regime is pivotal, which was realized by tailoring the thicknesses and the numbers of TiO2-MgF2 bi-layers. Three devices were designed through rigorous simulations and developed via e-beam evaporation to demonstrate vivid blue, green, and red colors in the reflection mode, and yellow, magenta, and cyan colors in the transmission mode, featuring an enhanced efficiency exceeding 90% under normal incidence. The color performance of the filters was examined by referring to the chromaticity coordinates of the transmission and reflection spectra, alongside photographed color images. The dependence of the performance on the angle of incidence was explored with respect to incident polarization, indicating that a transmission surpassing 60% could be stably maintained up to an angle of 75°. Polarization independent transfer characteristics were especially achieved for the normal incidence. The proposed devices may be readily extended to other spectral regimes by adjusting the thicknesses of the films.
Color filters;Transmissive and reflective modes;Dense materials;
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