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Off-axis Two-mirror System with Wide Field of View Based on Diffractive Mirror
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 Title & Authors
Off-axis Two-mirror System with Wide Field of View Based on Diffractive Mirror
Meng, Qingyu; Dong, Jihong; Wang, Dong; Liang, Wenjing;
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An unobstructed off-axis two-mirror system is presented in this paper. First a suitable initial configuration is established based on third-order aberration theory. In order to achieve a wide field of view (FOV) with high image quality , the diffractive mirror is adopted in the two-mirror system to increase the optimization freedom and the aberration relationship between diffractive phase coefficients and Zernike coefficients is derived. Furthermore, a complete comparison design example with a focal length of 1200 mm, F-number of 12, and FOV of 40° × 2° is given to verify the aberration correction ability of the diffractive mirror. The system average wavefront error is 0.007 λ (λ
Optical systems;Optical design;Aberrations;Diffractive optics;Remote sensing;
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