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Ultrathin Metamaterial for Polarization Independent Perfect Absorption and Band-pass Filter
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 Title & Authors
Ultrathin Metamaterial for Polarization Independent Perfect Absorption and Band-pass Filter
Zhang, Xu; Gong, Zhijie;
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We demonstrate an ultrathin metamaterial for polarization independent perfect absorption as well as a band-pass filter (BPF) which works at a higher frequency band compared to the perfect absorption band. The planar metamaterial is comprised of three layers, symmetric split ring resonators (SSRRs) at the front and structured ground plane (SGP) at the back separated by a dielectric layer. The perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) can realize near 100% absorption due to high electromagnetic losses from the electric and/or magnetic resonances within a certain frequency band. The thickness of the structure is only 1/28 of the maximum absorption wavelength.
Perfect metamaterial absorber;Band-pass filter;Frequency selective surface;Symmetric split ring resonator;
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