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Dual-band Frequency Selective Surface Bandpass Filters in Terahertz Band
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 Title & Authors
Dual-band Frequency Selective Surface Bandpass Filters in Terahertz Band
Qi, Limei; Li, Chao;
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Terahertz dual-band frequency selective surface filters made by perforating two different rectangular holes in molybdenum have been designed, fabricated and measured. Physical mechanisms of the dual-band resonant responses are clarified by three differently configured filters and the electric field distribution diagrams. The design process is straightforward and simple according to the physical concept and some formulas. Due to the weak coupling between the two neighboring rectangle holes with different sizes in the unit cell, good dual-band frequency selectivity performance can be easily achieved both in the lower and higher bands by tuning dimensions of the two rectangular holes. Three samples are fabricated, and their dual-band characteristics have been demonstrated by a THz time-domain spectroscopy system. Different from most commonly used metal-dielectric structure or metal-dielectric-metal sandwiched filters, the designed dual-band filters have advantages of easy fabrication and low cost, the encouraging results afforded by these filters could find their applications in dual-band sensors, THz communication systems and other emerging THz technologies.
Metamaterial filter;Band-pass;Frequency selective surface;Multi-band filter;
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