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Independent Color Filtering of Differently Polarized Light Using Metal-Insulator-Metal Type Guided Mode Resonance Structure
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 Title & Authors
Independent Color Filtering of Differently Polarized Light Using Metal-Insulator-Metal Type Guided Mode Resonance Structure
Jung, Young Jin; Park, Namkyoo;
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The independent operation of a color filter for incident polarization is demonstrated using a guided-mode resonance (GMR) filter employing a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguide. To achieve independent operation, a rectangular MIM grating is proposed as a wave-guide resonator. The design considerations are discussed and include how to determine the grating period and slit width. Power flow distribution is observed with slit width variation. Blue-green, green-red, and blue-red filters for corresponding x- and y-polarizations are demonstrated as application examples with numerical simulation with rectangle-shaped MIM grating. As a practical application, feasibility as a chromatic polarizer is discussed.
Guided-mode resonance;GMR filter;Plasmon;Color filter;MIM waveguide;
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