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Dependence of Q Factor on Surface Roughness in a Plasmonic Cavity
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 Title & Authors
Dependence of Q Factor on Surface Roughness in a Plasmonic Cavity
Kim, Yoon-Ho; Kwon, Soon-Hong; Ee, Ho-Seok; Hwang, Yongsop; No, You-Shin; Park, Hong-Gyu;
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We investigated surface-roughness-dependent optical loss in a plasmonic cavity consisting of a semiconductor nanodisk/silver nanopan structure. Numerical simulations show that the quality factors of plasmonic resonant modes significantly depend on the surface roughness of the dielectric-metal interface in the cavity structure. In the transverse-magnetic-like whispering-gallery plasmonic mode excited in a structure with disk diameter of 1000 nm, the total quality factor decreased from 260 to 130 with increasing root-mean-square (rms) surface roughness from 0 to 5 nm. This quantitative theoretical study shows that the smooth metal surface plays a critical role in high-performance plasmonic devices.
Surface plasmon polaritons;Plasmonic cavities;Surface roughness;Finite-difference time-domain simulations;
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