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Distributions of Amplitude and Phase Around C-points: Lemon, Mon-Star, and Star
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 Title & Authors
Distributions of Amplitude and Phase Around C-points: Lemon, Mon-Star, and Star
Yu, Renlong; Ye, Dong; Xin, Yu; Chen, Yanru; Zhao, Qi;
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The distributions of (or constraints for) amplitude and phase around C-points, including Lemon, Mon-Star and Star, are studied. A Cartesian coordinate system with origin at the C-point is established. Four curves, where the azimuthal angles of polarization ellipses are 0°, 45°, 90°, and 135° respectively, are used to determine the distributions. Discussions of these constraints illustrate why Mon-Star is rarer than Lemon or Star in experiments. The transformation relationships between these three polarization singularities (PSs) are also discussed. We construct suitable functions for amplitude and phase according to their constraints, and simulate several PSs of particular shapes. With the development of modulation techniques for amplitude and phase, it is clear that this work is helpful for generating arbitrarily shaped C-points in experiments.
Polarization singularity;Distributions of amplitude and phase;Simulation;
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