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Study of an Optical Goniometer Using a Multi-Photodiode Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Study of an Optical Goniometer Using a Multi-Photodiode Sensor
Kim, Ji-Sun; Kim, A-Hee; Oh, Han-Byeol; Kim, Jun-Sik; Goh, Bong-Jun; Lee, Eun-Suk; Choi, Ju-Hyeon; Baek, Jin-Young; Jun, Jae-Hoon;
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The monitoring and measurement of the motion of a human joint is very important in screening for degenerative brain diseases and tracking the rehabilitation process. Since there are various medical fields to benefit from angular motion measurement, the necessity for monitoring of human joint movement is increasing. In this study, the optical sensor is composed of a light emission unit with a red LED and an optical fiber, and a reception unit with an arrangement of three photodiodes. The angular detection range was widened with the use of multiple photodiodes and the developed algorithm. The result will be useful for designing an effective angular sensor with low cost and small size.
Goniometer;Optical fiber;Photodiode;Range of motion;
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