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Ghost Imaging with Different Speckle Sizes of Thermal Light
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 Title & Authors
Ghost Imaging with Different Speckle Sizes of Thermal Light
Jue, Wang; Renlong, Yu; Yu, Xin; Yanming, Shao; Yanru, Chen; Qi, Zhao;
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In this paper, we theoretically and experimentally analyze the impact of speckle size of pseudo-thermal light source on ghost imaging. A larger size of speckle can bring improvements in SNR and visibility. At the same time, the edge blur of the retrieved image will become more serious. We also present a setup which can mitigate the edge blur of larger speckle while maintaining the advantages of higher SNR and visibility by changing the speckle size of the object beam with a concave lens.
Ghost imaging;Coherence;Speckle size;Edge blur;
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