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Design and Simulation of Two-Dimensional OCDMA En/Decoder Composed of Double Ring Add/Drop Filters and Delay Waveguides
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 Title & Authors
Design and Simulation of Two-Dimensional OCDMA En/Decoder Composed of Double Ring Add/Drop Filters and Delay Waveguides
Chung, Youngchul;
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A two-dimensional optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) en/decoder composed of four double-ring resonator add/drop filters and three delay waveguides is designed, and a transfer matrix method combined with fast Fourier transform is implemented to provide numerical simulations for the en/decoder. The auto-correlation peak level over the maximum cross-correlation level is larger than 3 at the center of the correctly decoded pulse for most of wavelength hopping and spectral phase code combinations, which assures the BER lower than 10-3 which corresponds to the forward error correction limit.
Ring resonator;Optical code division multiple access;Transfer matrix method;
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